Entry #3

Vehement is in the NG store!

2010-04-29 22:38:15 by modem

http://www.newgrounds.com/store/produc t/vehement-cd

Oh yeah. About time.

Thanks for the support, e-pals.


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2010-05-03 00:08:38

This post seems lonely... Congrats on the CD!


2010-05-21 18:07:23

i almost shit my pants today when I saw I first heard "Aged Brick" last September. It is still as good as it was that day. Will the demo ever be finished?

modem responds:

luls, "Aging Brick, Crumbling Mortar" is on the disc mang. It's been finished for over a year now!


2010-06-17 06:43:56

This might be late, but congratulations on the CD :)


2011-03-10 17:42:49

Bought it around a year ago; it's a great album and surprising that you don't have a fanbase as rabid as Kingbastard or others.